GDPR Compliance

We provide affordable Data Protection and GDPR services to help organizations comply with GDPR across the UK, Europe and Globally.

At Hilary Sean, we provide affordable Data Protection and GDPR services to help organizations comply with GDPR across the UK, Europe and Globally. The cornerstone of our data protection services is to help you to implement a framework to improve your organization’s compliance with the GDPR, reduce risks and improve data management efficiency.

Our GDPR Data Protection Services include:

  1. Outsourced DPO

In this service, we help support and manage your entire compliance efforts and advise you on your business obligations. Our outsourcedDPO service is designed to support your business with both the management and implementation of UK GDPR compliance. Note that not all businesses are required to formally appoint a statutory DPO, but every business needs a person or team fulfilling this role in order to stay compliant and avoid fines.

  1. GDPR Compliance Audit

A UK GDPR compliance audit is essentially an investigation into your business to determine your compliance (and any areas of non-compliance) with UK data protection laws. The audit service we offer is specifically designed to achieve the right balance between the level of detail in the investigation, and the value for money that the exercise represents for the business.

  1. GDPR DIY Toolkit

In this service, we will provide you with detailed assessment, implementation and audit documentation toolkit which will help you review and comply with GDPR yourself. This is a Do It Yourself solution such that you get access to the resources you’ll need as well as some support to ensure compliance with GDPR. The GDPR DIY tool kits are available as downloadable files.

  1. GDPR for New Companies – Privacy by Design

In this service, we will review your business plan and operations and define a set of GDPR compliance procedures that you’ll need to build into your overall company startup operations. In essence, this means we will help you integrate or ‘bake in’ data protection activities into your business practices, from the startup planning stage.

  1. UK Representative Service

This is similar to our primary or assistant DPO service but for companies that are based outside the UK offering goods or services to, or monitoring the behaviour of, UK data subjects. As you will not have a base inside the UK, the UK GDPR will require you to authorise a UK GDPR representative, in writing, to act on your behalf regarding your UK GDPR compliance, and to deal with the ICO and data subjects in this respect.

  1. GDPR Training Support Services

The GDPR requires that “appropriate technical and organisational measures” are put in place to demonstrate compliance with data protection standards. One of these measures is to provide appropriate staff training. We provide a range of tailored data protection compliance training geared toward various roles of your organization; and are expected to undergo varying degrees of data protection awareness training.

  1. GDPR Consulting Services

In a typical GDPR compliance journey, some developing and documenting some artefacts pose more challenges than some others. In our GDPR consulting service, we will assist and support you in developing and documenting specific GDPR artefacts.

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